Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Trees and Christmas Blankets.

Well - I do usually wait until December - but Santa's little helpers wanted to put up all the decorations today....
So Saturday was spent clearing the decks - especially for today.
I was not even allowed to get ready for the day we had to do it first thing after breakfast !
Here is our tree ....

It doesn't look this bare in real life it is next to me flickering away. All the tinsel disappeared up into my little helpers rooms ... Anna-Kate's room looks very bright !

One of my ladies even had a makeover - we are thinking about adding some lights as she is standing next to a plug..... something to think about when I am shopping next week !

My new bookcase ... I had to have storage for all the craft books I have been buying from Charity Shops. Thanks to Tesco vouchers it was 'free'.
Right on top are my anniversary flowers - still going strong! On the top is my daughters work of art - she was so proud to have it on display !
You can see two of my Christmas Crochet Blankets folded on the shelf too ! That means two down and so many more to go !

One of the blankets I am still working on. Growing VERY slowly!

The fifth Christmas Crochet Blanket I am working on - perhaps not original - but my own pattern, starting from a circle and converting into a square.
The sixth blanket I am working on is on the right - this blanket is so long I do a row now and again when I am worried a colour I have is running out. Don't think this one will be finished for this Christmas !
Mum came over for a visit as my Dad was running a half marathon today (in this weather?) We tried to arrange Christmas but it is HARD with so many families to see / organise !
Hope you all have a great December - keep on chatting.

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Kristin said...

Your decorations look beautiful! happy holidays!! :)

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