Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amigurumi - have gone to a good home !

Here are my Amigurumi Bunny and Bear. They used to sit next to my sewing machine and kept me company while Iwas sewing.

Anna-Kate was invited to a birthday party today. I asked her what she wanted to give to her friend, she said a bunny and a bag.

So I made the bag and broach (see previous post) and I just did not have time to make the crocheted rabbit or bear ... so I gave up my two companions - they just had to go together !

Anna-Kate was happy and I hope her friend will be too !

I have cut out 32 triangles to make a patchwork square for a new quilt today too. But tonight I am working on a crocheted scarf.

Have a great Saturday evening.

Chat soon - Vanessa

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