Monday, December 08, 2008

Patchwork Table Runner.

I woke up this morning to a cold and frosty morning. The grass was white. I am very glad I did not take down our big sunflowers this year as they are encouraging birds to our garden - and a squirrel or two.

So I decided to do some sewing. After seeing this blog -

I decided to make some place mats and a table runner for our Christmas table. Granted I have not used Christmas material - but I can use it year round, after Christmas.

I had to have a move around of furniture due to the Christmas tree being up. So this is the temporary workspace. It is OK that I am in front of the telly as I am the only one who watches this TV!

I cut the 17 - two by four inch strips per place mat last night.

Here they are all in a line. While sewing them up I thought that 17 would be too wide - as I have to fit 7 around the table this year. So reduced it to 14. I gathered all the left over strips to make the table runner.
Here is the finished table runner - the backing fabric is the same navy blue as the front strips. I have used an old flannel sheet for the lining.

Here are the 8 tops of the place mats hanging on the back of my sewing chair. Still have to cut out the lining and the backing. But I am a little sewed out right now! That is why I am here on the blog.
Thanks for letting me share this with you !
Chat soon.

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