Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The day before Christmas Eve.

Today is Tuesday, the day before Christmas Eve. Everything is getting very exciting.
The house is fairly tidy - just have to do a run through with the hoover and pick up and put away things - mainly my craft goodies ! And I have to try and make the dining room table look more Christmasy!

Hubby went shopping at 5-30 this morning and came home with these Proteas for me. Haven't seen these for many years ! Really enjoying having them in my lounge. He did phone me a couple of times to double check things on my list ! But everything has now been bought...Greg was back by 8!

Work in progress - my gnome! I am enjoying doing needlework on felt. All my needlework clutter is on the lounge floor so I need to tidy that up ! Will clear up later as I am still working on my little man !

I opened my Secret Santa from a lovely chatty sewing list I am on. This is the crochet hook roll all rolled up and hiding a bar of delicious chocolate !
The fabric is soooo cute. I really, really like it !
Here is the crochet hook roll open with the bar of chocolate next to it. The choc is hidden !!! As it is all for me !
This is what I made for my recipient - plus a scarf set and a string of birds. She has opened the parcel already so I am not spoiling the surprise and it took her about 30seconds to guess it was me !!!

My son made King Herod here he is on my book shelf!
I hope to pop in tomorrow to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !
Chat soon - Vanessa XXXX

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