Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Party ...

We all met up as a family on Christmas Eve, at Uncle Ben and Sarahs' house (my brother) to exchange gifts with family we would not see for a while !

Here is Luke waiting for us to leave for the party. The party was at 4 - he was ready to go at 9am !

Grandpa on the rocking chair in the corner - Uncle Tom (another brother !)and Claire.
Greg (hubby), Anna-Kate and James - sat in front of the Christmas presents!
And Luke joined in the fun!

Hugs all around.

Watching tv - to try and quiet them down.
The professional camera person (my sister Abs). Anna-Kate was handing out all the gifts.
Claire holding up a memo board I made for her.
The party was at my brother's house - Sarah was there too but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of her or my mum !!!!
Merry Christmas to one and all - thank -you Sarah for all the lovely food - and thank-you to my family for lovely presents they are all appreciated !!!!
Chat soon.

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