Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rice Bags.

Not much crafting has been done today ! Tsk Tsk !

Went grocery shopping. Saw some Proteas and Fynbos for sale at Tescos but they were £8 - for a bunch of flowers - so they stayed there. But now I am looking at an empty space on my book case and they would look lovely there.

Came home and unpacked the shopping (it took a long time as the dog wanted to play and the cats were nagging me to be fed!)

Was busy sewing my new block for my 'zen' quilt - and thought I will make rice bags for the children.

I found two sweatshirts which they had grown out of - chopped the sleeves off, sewed one end closed - filled it with rice and lavender, closed the other end - viola - instant warmth !!! Well once microwaved. And the house smells yummy too.

I am going to crochet a scarf now.

I received a Christmas cheque from a dear family member - and I wanted to honor them so I have ordered some fabric from America and am going to make a quilt with the fabric. Can not wait for it to arrive... not sure when with Christmas coming ! It will all be made using my sewing machine - but I will quilt it by hand.

We are surviving the first day with out heating. The children are in warm pajamas with dressing gowns I have a thick jumper on ( oh and my crocheted hat !!!)

Chat soon - XXXX

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