Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gold, Frankincense and Mrryh.

I have been spoilt !
A parcel arrived this evening... I went oh dear, as Luke was bothering me asking me - "What is that Mummy?" Luckily I could truthfully say it was for me !
The parcel was for the Gold, Frankincense and Mrryh swap.
I opened the big, brown box to find ...

I opened the envelopes first - and saw my name in print - FANTASTIC !

Here is everything in its glory -

From the top left - two waterproof pouches with zips. I think I may use them to carry my quilting goodies too and from class. The green card which is lovely (it is now in pride of place on my bookcase). An origami book full of instructions plus beautiful papers. The origami book is lying on a quilt book ( this will be used after Christmas !!!!) Two packs of freezer paper - which will be used after Christmas as I have found a book about old American quilts full of ideas, Then the notebooks - an Amy Butler notebook.... if you do follow my blog you will see I LOVE Amy Butler !!! Then a lovely gold notebook followed by two home made note books .... all of these are now on my bookcase awaiting use !

Last but not least LAVENDER hand cream and a little cushion.... which I LOVE.
I LOVE everything .....
Now an arty shot ...

Thank-you Joyce from your parcel and everything in it was appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers..

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