Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very quick beanie (pattern thrown in too !)

I made this beanie very quickly last night.
I used a 6mm hook and patons aran weight wool.
I worked in circles, increasing in every row.
Make 4 chains - join into a circle using a slip stitch.
3 chain + 7 dc (tc for UK girls / guys!)
then join to top chain of three chain.
3 chain - 2dc in each dc = 16dc - keep on joining to the top ch of 3ch. in every row.
3 chain -dc in the next dc and 2 dc in the next continue around.
3 chain dc in the next 2 dc and 2dc in the next dc around - keep on going in this pattern - I made 7 rows.
I needed to have a number of stitches which is divisible by 3.
Chain three and dc in the same space. Skip three stitches in the next dc make dc, chain, dc and skip three stitches continue around.

Slip stitch into top chain of your three chain. Make three chains and dc in the space of the v- stitch.
I did 8 rounds of this and it is perfect - I have a big head though LOL !
Email me at vmphillips@blueyonder.co.uk if this does not make sense to you !
Must dash and do the school run !
Have a great day....
I will try and keep warm !
Vanessa XXXX

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QuiltedSimple said...

Love the beanie - I have no clue how to crochet but ....this may inspire me to learn! Hope you are staying warm (or at least, warm enough!)

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