Friday, September 22, 2006

Luke's thoughts about Mass...

Luke had his first school Mass today.
So on the way home I asked him how it went.
He said and I quote - we stood up and sat down, we stood up and sat down, we stood up and sat down and all I wanted to do was go home and play with my trains!
I think the Priest went on too long for my lad.

Anna-Kate's first day at school 2 years ago!

And this was my little girl's first day two years ago now. Time flies!
She is now in Year Two and has homework!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Luke's first day at school.

My big boy and his proud sister.
Luke has enjoyed his first week at big school - even though it is so busy for him!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have been a busy bee today!

Aafter finishing the unicorns I completed this backpack for a client. Then attacked a pair of trousers for Luke - I just had to hem them. It has been a busy day today, we have bought an oven from ebay and Greg spent the morning cleaning it very noisily !! Then I had to take pictures of my cute little boy for school - so all done now phew !
Off to make dinner now and relax for the rest of the day!


Phew - finished 10 of these today, for my friend. She will turn these squares into a quilt for her daughter.

See how it has grown.

I was able to work on my crochet blanket yesterday (Fri, 8th September).
Still a long way to go though.
Weaving in all the ends is going to be a nightmare !

A strange flower we found.

Last Friday (9 September) on our way home from taking Anna-Kate to school we found this unusual flower.
Luke was fascinated so I picked one and brought it home. I have seen them before in East London, South Africa! But that was a while ago !
Thought I would include it in my blog anyway!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Work completed today - 4 September 2006.

I have been busy today!
I made the back bag today for Anna-Kate to use as her gym bag at school and the front two are for customers.

It was the last day of school holidays but the weather was quite miserable so we had an indoor day.
I also got rid of the table under the bags on freecycle as I am trying to de-clutter everywhere!!

Thursday - 31 August 2006

This little clown was so funny this evening.
She came running in saying she had swallowed some tinfoil. I looked in her mouth as Anna-Kate said it hurt. There was blood everywhere - her wobbly tooth had come out!!!!
And she had swallowed it...cue tears as the tooth fairy would not be able to find it !!
But don't worry as the tooth fairy came and delivered the £1 coin.
The clown face was created at See Saws while I was at work so fun was had there!!!

"An Adventure" - Wednesday 30 August 2006

Last Wednesday Anna-Kate, Luke and I went to Centre Parcs at Longleat to meet a longtime email friend and her family.

Here are the munchkins waiting for the land train we went for a drive around the park in it.

They stopped to see a baby deer.

The wild life was a treat - we saw a deer on the patio.

I was very brave driving there and meeting people...a LOT of fun was had by all I think!!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!