Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lovely Day Out.

We decided to go out today - as Abs is down from London ... after much ummmming and aaahhhhing we decided on the White Horse - we first had a lovely picnic. Mum and Abs were much more organised than I was ! My two ate well then were able to run around... the white horse is very steep though, I did not realise quite how steep it was - a little scary for me ! Here is Luke WALKING down the horse - I kept yelling at him to sit DOWN !!!!
There were some interesting bugs on the flowers and on us ! The lady birds hung around for quite a while - here is one on Anna-Kate -
Love this field - it undulates up and down - Climbing up the hills ... all in a row.... just like little ducks -
A quiet moment between Abs and Anna-Kate.

Luke looking cute - eating sweets !

A very interesting flower - love the colours.
We had time for some kite flying - It didn't rain - although there were some very dark clouds! After flying the kite we popped over to mum's and visited the horses - my 2 tried to pull out some grass to feed them !
Where it did try to rain !

We are back home now safe and sound, tomorrow I HAVE to mow and have to pack and should try to sew too - will it happen???
Will try to chat soon !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fab Hair and Post day !

I went to the hairdresser today - so my hair is nice and smooth and straight LOL ! Something I will not be able to do myself .... very blonde again with red streaks !
Group picture taken after school today - trying to get both to smile at the same time is hard ! I actually really like this one - I like the way Anna-Kate is hugging me and Luke is leaning in close too...

Now I received a lovely parcel from America - another swap I am involved in - this parcel represents my partner - so I can get to know her... I know she loves her candy! Will use the long sleeved gloves a lot ! And the candles smell devine !

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lovely Post Day Today !

I received my parcel today - made even better because I didn't realise it was my swap parcel until I tore the envelope open !

Everything was wrapped up so it was really fun to unwrap it all. The 2 FQs are in my favourite colours - and will be used - thinking a bag but not sure yet!

The notebook is covered with mosaic tiles - very fun - will use this as a diary on my holiday to Australia!

The orange button bracelet and necklace set is lovely and I am wearing them already ! Along with one pair of earrings! There is another necklace - a string of beads with magnets on and can use it in many ways! The pincushion - with a bottle top bottom is sitting next to me so I use it instead of my sofa arm !There are some extra beer bottle tops - which I may use to make more pincushions!!!And there was some lovely stitch markers and a stitch holder too. A lovely parcel....

Not doing much sewing as my sewing machine needs a new bobbin case ! They are out of stock everywhere...
Here is a bunch of flowers Luke and his friend picked for me this weekend!
Sitting in my lounge in a patch of sun Anna-Kate and her friend revising their spelling and Luke is at his friend's house !
Have a lovely evening whatever you are doing!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Day One of Curtaingate...

I have 11 curtains of all different sizes to make for a neighbour's caravan.

I have made the biggest one and a slightly smaller one. I hope they are OK !!!

This is why I am so quiet - I have no time to do other crafts ... but still exercising, have completed the 30 day challenge on Sports Active and to day did the marathon training - very hard !

Watching Master chef - then will squeeze some crocheting in before bed...

Keep on crafting XXXX
I Took The Handmade Pledge!