Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Day.

Here are my children Anna-Kate and Luke. These pictures were taken in the evening when all the presents had been opened, all the food had been eaten and I had given up tidying up!!!

Loads of fun was had by all today. What a lovely day we had.

Anna-Kate and Luke were spoilt - that is what happens when I start to shop in June or July !!!
So was I - I received this lovely lap top I am working on tucked up in a corner of the lounge.

We spent the day playing with our new toys and generally just being together.

Here are Luke and Anna-Kate, at the bottom of my bed. They have just finished opening presents out of their stockings. We are still using the stockings Granny made for them for Luke's first Christmas. I was quite surprised as they let me shower before going downstairs.

Before the opening begins. Waiting patiently before Daddy began acting like Chief Elf and handing out all the gifts!

Christmas Eve.

This kept Luke and Daddy busy while I was cooking in the kitchen. It is a car kit from Luke's great - grandpa. The car took quite a while to build!
Anna-Kate showing us her art work created from stickers. This was a gift from Granny and I think Granny found it in Aldi! Good value for money as Anna was busy for hours!

Luke all ready for bed. A very excited little boy!

Our Christmas tree with all our presents! Well for the two littlies. Father Christmas is very clever and has learnt to use my camara !!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My favourite pictures.

Great fun was had by all today. Festive head gear went down well. The poppers made were a big hit. And Ned the Head has gone to bed with Luke. He loves it ! Both my little ones are now fast asleep in bed!

BIG BANGS !! Luke and Anna playing with the poppers.

Luke running around Granny and Granpa's house on Ned the Head.

Luke with Uncle Tom's present!

Went down very well Uncle Tom - thanks! Put the picture here so you know he likes it! Thanks for all the other presents too - the secret diary is perfect for Anna and I love the ear rings!

Luke in his Christmas hat.

Look at all the presents around Luke! A pillow case full for Luke and Anna-Kate. They are very lucky! We had a lovely party and were very spoilt!
Once home the kiddies went through all their presents again and now are off to bed.
I am drinking my choclate liquoir. Thanks Ben, Sarah and James!

All dressed up for a party.

We are all dressed up and ready to go to Granny's house. Our Christmas party was today.Granny and Grandpa are going up to Coventry to visit Great-Grandpa and Bonnie.
Anna-Kate was having a grump in the picture! Luke was over excited, and raring to go. Anna-Kate did smile eventually! Our pile of presents for the family are in the box next to the wall.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Decorating Operation 2006!

My sunshine yellow dining room being re-decorated. All the clutter pushed to the middle of the room. My little man sits and watches patiently while his Dad paints. Eventually Dad gives in and lets Luke help. My magnolia dining room is lovely and fresh now and ready for Christmas! Apparently my hallway is going to get a lick of paint soon too.

Another backpack.

This one was made for a friend.
I haven't made any Bonza Blue Bags for a while so it was nice for a change! It is a Christmas present so I hope he isn't looking at the computer!

Winter has finally arrived.

It is winter here now. I took this picture as I was scraping the frost from my windows. It is dark now when I leave for work at 7-30. But once Christmas and New Year are over it will be count down till summer! Isn't nature wonderful I think this spiderweb is beautiful!

Nativity Play.

Here they are my two little ones !
Luke was a star and Anna-Kate was a traveller. They had a lovely time. Greg and I went to the afternoon performance and they were great on stage. After the 6pm show they came home and went straight to bed if I am lucky I may get a lie in tomorrow! Let the stars shine and the bells ring!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Nephew's Christmas Present!

Is finished at long last!! I have been working on it for a very long time. I am glad it is another ufo completed ! Now I have to work on my daughters monkey - a rather unrealistic pink and purple!!!


Yeah ! my first batch looks OK ! One is for my hubby and the other is a Christmas present! The house smells lovely !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our First Nativity Play.

Here she is ! My little angel! She was lovely. They did not have much time to practice but Rainy read a poem which involved all the girls. Madam was an agel who turned off the light ! She ran and flew perfectly. Although Rain'ys husband is very ill she still managed to organise this show and lovely personalised cards for all the Rainbows. Well done everyone! At the end they sand some lovely snowman songs!

Friday, December 08, 2006

More Bags.

Still have to weave the ends in on the bottom bag - but you get the idea!
More gifts for Christmas done ! So I have been a busy bee today. But I managed to do some housework too I promise.

My Fluffy Evening Bag.

We have our work do tomorrow night. I have bought a new dress and boots. So decided to add a bit of colour and make an evening bag! It is a flat square really and is made out of the fluffy 'wool' everyone is making scarves out of! I was going to cut up an old bag for the handles but went with the same wool with string for added strength.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well guys here are my bags.
These have both gone now though!
So if you have an order - let me know I can do one in string or colour of your choice!
Hey guys looking for my shopping bags - I can not load the pictures right now. Will try again later!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!