Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lorikeets, Sydney and Pearl Beach.

Lorikeets gathering in the tree next to our balcony. We all crept out onto the balcony and took photos before they flew away.

They gather around our house in the evening - and are very noisy !

My two cats - Sherry and Tequila watching the birds. The birds often tease my cats by flying really close to the balcony!

Last Sunday Luke, Anna-Kate and Greg caught the train from Tascott and visited Sydney - they bought a family ticket for something silly like $2-50 and went from here to Sydney and even went on the ferry - a cheap day out !

On the ferry - close to Sydney Bridge. Far too close to the edge for my liking - you can tell I wasn't around!

First sighting of the Sydney Opera House.

Today we went to Pearl Beach - it was a lovely afternoon out. A seagull enjoying the view!

Luke and Anna-Kate enjoying the sea - they stayed in the water all the time we were at the beach.

Luke and Anna-Kate enjoying the sea - you can see it was almost empty - fabulous! Home now doing homework and enjoying the sun and breeze ....
One week ends - another week begins. Let us make every second count and have a good - safe week everyone ((((HUGS))))

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am so sorry I have not been updating my blog as often as I should have.

We have had some bad news - Brandy was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and spleen yesterday and she died this morning.

She went quickly and before she felt too much pain. She will be missed.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Heavy, Heavy Rain and my Rugby Player.

Anna-Kate happy to be going to school - my first French plait - but I think it is back to front ? These are very popular at Point Clare - so I had to give it a try !

We had very heavy rain yesterday. I left home at 2pm to do the 3pm school pick up. The headmaster told the early mums to pick up their children early to try and avoid school traffic jams - so we were home before 3pm ! My poor baby plants - they have survived possum and bush turkey attacks only to be flattened by heavy rain !!

You can actually see the rain in this photo - there was also LOUD thunder and lightening - very frightening as it was right over head.
A great view from Anna-Kate's room - love the clouds / rain over the mountain.

A spider web outside our lounge window. It has been here since we moved in. Luke checks it every night before he goes to bed - he thinks the spider is his pet!

Luke in his new rugby outfit - he is playing for Woy Woy Junior rugby club.

He has not taken the uniform off all day ! Greg took him to the park to play - he really enjoyed it.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sorry - not much happening !

Life has quietened down now the children are back at school. Life is good. The children are enjoying school (well they have only been there a week - but all is good). Greg is enjoying his work and is doing really well there too.
I am trying really hard to network and meet new people but it is hard. Meeting up with some knitters / crocheters soon so that should be fun!
Anyway here are a few pics to share with you all.
Walking up the steep hill - trust me it is steep !

At the top of the hill.

On the way back home - trying to show you the steep hill !

But who can complain with views of the water like this ? And seeing the cockatoos, parrots and pelicans every day is fab too !

I Took The Handmade Pledge!