Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday - the last day of winter.

Here is my little girl this morning. It was book character day at school today. Anna-Kate has been busy reading a series of books - I think there are 12 in this series, she is on book 12 already. Well this is the lead character, I am not sure what her name is, Anna-Kate drew the picture for me. I also crocheted her little shrug, now she has ordered a pink one !
Luke went as a skeleton, last years Halloween costume. He took a fact book in all about bones and your body etc - Luke has not caught the reading bug yet.
We had a red sky again this morning. No bad weather yet .... I am waiting for some rain - as my garden could do with some. Although my water tank is still full.

My first sunflower of the year, from seeds saved from the cockatoos last summer.

The full moon this month. It was so beautiful, but I could not capture her beauty with my camera - I gave it a go - as Luke would say !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crocheting in Public ...

Last week I went back to school - for the annual Open Day ... it was lovely. The weather was warm - not too hot or too cool. I take the children to school at 8:35 and the open day began at 9:30. It was not worth walking home so I took my crocheting. Not this big blanket - too big and bulky to carry about, but a shrug for Anna-Kate. Not sure if it was a good idea as I used it as a shield to stop people talking to me - or would they not have spoken to me anyway - not too sure ! But at least I had something to do while I waited !

Finished this big blanket - perfect to ward off the chill in the air - although since we moved from Tascott it has not been as cold !
Anna-Kate's art work on the wall of her class - we went into each class to see their work...

Luke's bird - we call it broken beak !

Anna-Kate's year singing a rap song about saving the earth.

Luke after his song - KS2 performed a song and a show. It was very good - and well worth the wait !

Luke looking worried ! He did complain about having a tummy ache and he looks worried in this picture. He was waiting for his one line Bless him.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Garden - a work in progress ...

This is what it looked like before I attacked this grass area - the cut down brush were some of the bushes / trees at the end of the garden.

I created the shape with rocks found around the garden, around old ponds etc we have removed. then I laid down some cardboard to kill off the grass and then remembered I have a naughty dog (!!) so had to build a fence around my veggie patch. I tried to use sticks from the trees I cut down - but ran out of these so had to buy some canes. Starting to fill with soil as and when I buy some.

This is how it looked on Saturday morning. Greg and I went out into the garden to clear the ever growing pile of rubbish ... we moved it to the area behind the metal shed as it is fab leaves etc and will break down to make lovely mulch / compost for later....

Sunday evening - all moved - with a little help from Luke and his fluffy toys.
Planted so far - tomatoes, basil, lettuce, radish, beans, strawberries, peas, peppers, mandarin tree, blood orange tree, apricot tree and plum tree ..... plus lots of sunflowers !

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Our Walk Last Sunday.

We decided to take a break from he BIG MOVE last weekend and went for a walk along the water front last Sunday. The weather was lovely - just right for a walk.
We all looked at the puffer fish in the water and we were debating the depth of the water to see if canoe ing here was an option.
These birds remind me of Charlie - now I know they are not African greys but still - I think of him when I see these birds !

The water front - so peaceful !

Anna-Kate walking backwards next to Kallie.

The bridge which we have to cross to get to the play park. I sat next t the water while my 2 had a good play in the park ...

Going home ...

Trees next to the water ...

I wonder if fairies live here ?

The huge double rainbow I saw - the second rainbow was very faint and on the outside of the bright one ....

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