Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tne beginning of July 2010.

This week has been so busy. The last week of school for the children and Greg was away in Mudgee - just in time for our first house inspection... so what did I do ... I began to bake !

I have been baking savory - butternut bread, choclate button bread, banana bread ! All very yummy. Tonight I will be starting onion and garlic bread - just ssshhhhh don't tell the children !
I use the New York Times no knead bread which is easy - but takes a lot of time to stand.

Even my kitchen cupboards were clean and organised for the inspection - naturally she did not look in them !

Oh and I have been spinning too.... I have been turning the above into this ->

All ready to spin .... (While watching Hercule Pierrot - that was fun !)

All spun up and ready to ply.

Plied with some silver embroidery cotton and now ready to knit.
This lot was the section second from the right - I began spinning on the right and progressed through to the left - you can see how my thread has become less bumpy. It is thinner and much more even. I have now begun to felt it, once felted I will embroider it. I can see it as the night sky or something !

Went to Woy Woy and got the knitting needles at the thrift store - made them into red bangles (while washing up !!)
It is the second day of school holidays and it is going well.... tomorrow is movie day. I think they are off to see Toy Story Three !
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