Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sew Hip Dress For My Daughter !

From issue 6 of Sew Hip Magazine - a very easy yet effective dress.
I hope it fits Anna-Kate as I want to make more of these dresses for her !
Unfortunately the dress I made myself makes me look pregnant and hunch backed - and I am neither so that went into the bag making pile !
Back to quilting now!
Chat soon - Vanessa XXXX

Bag Giveaway !

I am still working on my hexagon quilt ... but I am running out of my scraps ! So I really need your help!

I am willing to swap scraps for a bag ... the scraps need to be at least three inches square and anything floral and girly !

A picture of work in progress - compreted these yesterday !

I can make you a bag like this for an envelope of fabric scraps !!!

Please leave me a comment if you can help me it would really be appreciated !!! And as we are on holiday from quilting class I have time to make lots of bags !!!

Off to trace a pattern for a summer dress for Anna-Kate today from the new Sew Hip magazine!

Chat tomorrow !


PS - any spare thoughts or prayers for my parents in law who are going through a bit of a tough time in South Africa would be appreciated.... Thank-you !

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Creative Space and some creations.

My ginger girl 'watching' over me as I work ... she is right next to me on the big sofa.

I sit here ... look at the mess !

Plodding along - ironed more hexagons onto scraps of fabric today ... thanks to Lucie and Khris for your fabric donations ! Lucie I used some of your fabric today... Khris look out for a parcel next week as I posted it on Friday...should take about a week.
4 windmills block for my quilt.
A selection of the blocks going towards this quilt ... my other ginger girl has made herself comfortable on one of the blocks... I need 25 of these blocks eeekkkk !
2 more bags I finished this week... mmmm Tikkie the cat gets everywhere !!!
Almost halfway through my own block...
Today I worked on a dress for Anna-Kate - then drew lots more hexagons for my scrap quilt and ironed them onto said scraps... then I tried to crochet a few rounds of a baby blanket ... but I think I have caught Luke's cold .... so haven't got much energy left.
Anna-Kate and Luke are snuggled up next to me watching Primevil - which is proving to be scary for them ...
Chat tomorrow.
Happy crafting.

Part Three of the Big Day Out at Brokerswood.

Father and Son.

At the end of the day ...

And my brother's photos - another viewpoint.

The whole clan eating ice-cream (it was yummy!)

That is it ! I hope you enjoyed our special day out.
Now back to quilting.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brokerswood Continued.

Granny and Granddaughter together. Waiting for the boys.
My model - Anna-Kate was enjoying all the cameras which were around !
Can you see how high Luke was climbing ? He told me he has no fear of heights - he lets me worry about those things !
We all came across a see-saw and of course everyone had to have a go on it.
After a few goes on the see-saw and we found a stream ... with lots of frogs in... my two loved it !
Luke was catching the frogs and holding them I was so surprised seeing as he would run away screaming from spiders !

My model (again) and in the background Luke is looking for more frogs !

Tomorrow I will post more photos taken by my brother...some lovely photos.
Chat tomorrow then ! XXXX

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brokerswood ... this weekend...

The party on Saturday began in the playground ... this flying saucer was a big hit !

Then they moved onto the climbing wall - both of my children enjoyed this too.

Eventually we managed to drag the littlies away from the playground and found some ducks to feed. Anna-Kate thought she was brave and put some duck food on her boot and then Luke took the bull by the horns and fed them from his hands...

Here are Anna-Kate, Luke and James altogether. I didn't get many photos of the three littlies together as they are all so active and often run in different directions !

James and Luke stuck in the mud !

I love this photo a quiet moment just the three together while all the adults were catching up.
My computer is acting up so will post this and continue tomorrow ... have a good evening.
Chat tomorrow XXXX
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