Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Last Days on Holiday In Australia.

The last few days in Australia were a bit of a blur - trying to pack and enjoy the sunshine at the same time !

I think we spent the time mainly next to the pool, on the beach and at the botanical gardens.
Here is the hotel - this is the side with all the stunning views - we were in the third floor from the TOP - very high up!
Proof that my little boy can now hold his breath underwater - here he is underwater in the hot tub. and here he is jumping into the pool, he was having so much fun in the pool by the time we left.
Anna-Kate and I doing handstands in the pool - we were just having a day of fun ! Little Miss Anna-Kate jumping int to the pool ....
Greg getting arty - here is Croccie -
After all the swimming we went to the beach and had a lovely ice cream each ! Here are some of the photos of the sea and seagull -

Here is Anna-Kate waving at us all !
The last day - we went back to the botanical garden as it was lovely there,
Here we all are enjoying the garden and the sun, Luke looking at the fish - love that you can see his reflection in the water.My little monkey climbing on the play equipment,

We saw a water dragon (I think)
On the way back to the apartment to pack.
Leaving Australia - thank-you for a lovely two weeks - who knows we might be back very soon !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday in Australia -

Today we had a quiet day - Greg went into Brisbane to see an agency about work. We stayed at home to have a lie in - then just spent the morning next to the pool. Greg came back around lunch time and we went to a local park - for a walk, there was som interesting play equipment there - here is the see saw, and there was a sliding type of monkey bars -
Wandering about the playground were these birds loved their tail plummage -
In the pond there were ducklings - I thought this strange for winter but maybe they can breed all year round in the warmth of Brisbane?
My 2 little monkeys (and Greg) found a lovely HUGE tree to climb - Went back to the apartment for a swim then supper.
On Wednesday Greg went back to Sydney for his second round of interviews, we saw some window cleaners - I wouldn't do their job for anything !
We had a strom that night - well just lightening - no rain or thunder - here is the storm building - and the one photo I was able to take of the lightening -

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Australian Zoo, Steve Irwin Zoo.

We decided to go to Australia zoo on Monday as most of the Australian schools were back at school - so it would just be the tourists going.
We had an early start as it was quite a long drive - but an easy drive - all open roads. As soon as we arrived there were animals out and about - here is Luke holding a crocodile.
Lunch - not for us - for this huge crocodile !
There were warning signs everywhere - telling us to be careful,
Of course there were lots of crocodiles about - as it is winter they were a little 'slow' still wouldn't want to bump into one though !
We were very lucky and got to feed the elephants - here is Anna-Kate feeding the elephant (you have to trust me - she is wearing pink tracksuit pants). Here is Luke feeding the elephants, you can see Anna-Kate walking off in the background.
After feeding the elephants we went over to the crocoseum to watch an animal demonstration.
The show began with a beautiful display of different birds - the flash of colour here is a large type of parrot - all lovely reds and blues. They had even trained a stork to fly in from another area to us here it is landing - as they need a long take off area the bird had to walk off the 'stage' Here comes the star of the show - I can not remember his name but it almost had a bite of Steve Irwin.
Here he is in action -
After the show there were snakes out and about - here is Luke touching one - you can see Anna-Kate's hair on the side - she was interested but not too interested !
We stopped for lunch then - at lovely tables huge pieces of wood,
Then we went to feed the kangeroos - some lovely German ladies gave my 2 some food to feed them -. My 2 enjoyed being with the kangeroos -
After the kangeroos we found the elephants -
There were lovely statues scattered about the zoo -
To get back to the beginning we had to go through the kangeroos again, Here is a nice pic of my two - hanging about with a giant tortoise ! And posing with the Irwin Family -
On the way home I had to get a picture of this 'mountain' it looked as if someone had just put it there !
A big bridge we went across-

It was a lovely day out. I can not believe it was 2 weeks ago - time does fly ! Chat soon XXXX
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