Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We love sunflowers. My children and I have planted a lot of sunflowers. Here are the tallest ones at the moment - we still have many sunflowers growing so who knows if these will be overtaken !
The first photo is the sunflower next to the shed it is more than double the height of Anna-Kate and Luke. As you can see in the second picture the sunflower is taller than the shed and I think the shed is 8 foot at the tallest section!
In the third photgraph you can see some more sunflowers growing next to the garage and my tallest sunflower is higher than the conservatory now!
The fourth and fifth pictures are arty ones - for my sister (just for you Abs!!!)
The last photo is one of my favourites, we have had stormy / rainy weather it just shows the beauty of nature!

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