Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween 2007!

This year we bought and carved pumpkins. My two skeletons were ready much too early to trick and treat. Please note Luke's shoes! We were the first out trick and treating - thankfully the weather was not too cold - and great fun was had by my two skeletons.

Greg took the kiddies on a hike.

While Greg was here he took the kiddies on a hike (and the fat dog - sorry Brandy!) They had

great fun !

November 2007 - where does the time go?

I can not believe that it is November .... Vanessa whispers it is almost Christmas - as I am typing this there are Christmas adverts on the television!
I am still going to Slimming World every Thursday - I was slimmer of the week last week!Here are some pictures showing my weight loss journey - it all started on the 28th of May!
This is the picture that made me join Slimming World - two and a half stones ago!

Luke and I - not the most flattering of amgles I know but I am still big!

And this is me a week ago !

Mum and Dad were here celebrating Greg's holiday home - and Luke got hold of my camara so I have some interesting photographs!

Here are a couple ...

Greg and I after a glass of wine I am thinking!

Me, my Mum, Anna-Kate and Greg - waiting for dinner...

Grandpa and Luke were there too - of course !!!
I Took The Handmade Pledge!