Monday, September 29, 2008

Anna-Kate's Homemade Cat ...

Here she is - for the life of me I can not remember what her name is .... something like fluffy or snowball !

I drew a shape similar to a cat and Anna-Kate sewed it by hand - stuffed it and decorated it.

She came downstairs so very proud and I told her I would put on my website so the world would see it !

Unfortunately Anna-Kate is asleep now so I can not show her this blog !

Genes are so funny - on Friday I found a book at a charity shop all about making paper aeroplanes. So this weekend the house has been littered with A4 pieces of paper sort of folded ...and taking to my dad on Saturday he told me he used to make paper aeroplanes all the time at school - his aeroplanes are VERY cool.... mine are a bit rubbish I have been told ! Luke just laughs at my attempts which just nose dive into the carpet ! Usually at my feet.

So today we have had a lovely crafty day .... hope your weekend was great .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Outfits

This is a funny photo of me - but I was talking to Luke as he took the photo - well I have been inspired by a friend (thanks Jeanette!) to make more skirts - I found this fabric at a cheap shop in town, which has sadly closed down recently - so no more £1 a metre of cuts for me !

I made this skirt to wear to my patchwork class - and am going to try to make something new for each class - along with my square a week !
There was enough fabric left over to make Anna-Kate a dress- unfortunately I did not measure correctly and the dress was too constricting for her so I just cut it in the middle - added some red tibbon at the waist and made the bottom half into a skirt. I think she looks lovely! (But then I am a little biased.) We even managed to fish out her boots from the bottom of her cupboard.
I finished the skirt just in time for her to wear it to visit her cousin this afternoon - and strike a pose Anna-Kate !

A Spider and A Crocodile Came Visiting.

It is my nephew's birthday this weekend - so I made him some creatures that I hope he will like.
First up Mr Spider - this is my creation just made him up as I went along ... Luke and Anna-Kate have asked for one too .... Father Christmas may keep that in mind !

Here is Mr Croc - he was from a pattern on the internet - I just used a smaller hook than was suggested. So he isn't much bigger than spider !

Here they both are waiting to get wrapped up - sitting on the memory board I gave him too.
Happy Birthday James - well on the 29 September !!!

A New Bag for a New Course.

I decided that I had to get out and about in the day times when the littlies are at school. So I enrolled myself on a patchwork course. This very brave (for me) act needed a reward - and that came in the form of a bag ! I had made about thirty of these log cabin quilt squares so I threw a load together and VOILA a bag with LOADS of space and just as many pockets. I love pockets!
This has plenty of space for everything I need for my course .... but next week I have to create my own square ??? I am SCARED !

Calorimetry Time !

I made these a couple of weeks ago now - one is heading to America and one is going somewhere in the UK - can not remember where!

Last Friday I saw this yarn and fell in love - so made a calorimetry for Anna-Kate with a flower on the side.

And last but not least my little head band - great for bad hair days!

Saturday Updates !

I have been busy recently with some swaps - I can post these pictures now as my partner has received the parcel.

My first big (ish) embroidery project - a photo album cover. In shades of pink. Very candy floss.

A close up of the pink forest.

A pink pin cusion - although it could be used as a lavender sachet as it is filled up with a mixture of lavender and rice. Apparently the parcel did end up smelling of lavender.
The cascade scarf - I found the pattern on Crafster. I saw the pictures and had to pick up my crochet hook and make it ! It is actually in the same pink as the pincushion above.
I threw in some other things - like buttons, beads and sequins oh and a bell so the parcel made a noise !

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where does the time go ?

It is already the 18th of September. I have had a great week or so post wise ... I have recevied two swap parcels and various books from Amazon.

So let me share some photos with you.
Here is a little bird I received from America in the scrap fabric swap ....
I thought he looked a little sad like this so I transformed him into .....
this ....
It is amazing what a few beads and a bell can do to a bird!
So my love for birds has begun.

Here are the fabrics I received from America ... lots of florals and pinks .... a nice mixture and will be put to good use. This swap was a great idea - as it forced me to sort out my shed !
Here is my 99p spice rack from the Hospice Charity Shop - great for storing buttons and beads in . I also LOVE storage ! I have recently picked up a few new loves ...birds, trees, storage ...and so much more .

A sparkly owl - made from yarn sent to me in an earlier swap. I saw this pattern on the internet and I just HAD to make it and it took about half an hour ! My crochet collection is growing !

I was working on this shawl for a friend this weekend..... to tell the truth I actually made her two as the first one looked too small so I made the second one bigger so she can choose which one she would like to keep !! This is the only photo I have of it - the wool was beautiful greens and blues.
I worked on these memory boards this week .... they are for Christmas - can I say that in September ? As you can see I am trying really hard to use up all my stash of fabric .... as I REALLY do have a shed full of material.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy Wednesday !

Well I wasn't too busy - but I finished off the sofa cushions. All done ! Now I have enough scraps left over to add more quilt squares for the throw. I just wanted to show you all the end product!

Tuesday was a great post day.

The postman knocked very loudly - as it was windy and raining ! He gave me this BIG parcel.
I opened the parcel some goodies were loose and there was a big tissue wrapped parcel too.
The first thing I found was alovely card from camelama (my swap partner) - she bought the card from etsy ( . I love it as I love cats and red is my favourite colour!

This fabalicious bag was wrapped in the white tissue paper. It was FULL of more goodies ....
In the bag were the two soaps in this picture (they look so much like biscuits!) and a cloth bird ... I love the bird it is sitting on my memory board next to my sewing area.
Also in the bag were three cloths with hand embroideries on - very cute ... not sure what I will
use these for yet...
A picture showing loads of my goodies.... lots of candy (have to call it candy as it is from America!) Two rubbers shaped like donuts - Anna-Kate has tried to claim them but I have hung them on my memory board as I love them too ! At the top of this picture are two postcards - which is funny as I have just started collecting postcards since I just joined . But I wont be sending these postcards. There is a pink zipped purse - I have filled it with small sewing essentials - needles , thinmbles etc

The red stripy square is a handy tape measure - and something I really wanted a tin of sweets having seen them a LOT on all decorated etc.... so now I have one...
A photo showing all the candy ... still have most of it - am only allowed to have one piece a
day ...and some I will share with the kiddies but slowly !
Here are some of my new treasures / goodies in their new home.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Amigurumi Swap.

Ding Dong - yeah it is the postman !!!!

Here is my parcel ... I took it off my postie and ran straight to the playroom / conservatory to open it immediately.I love the tape ! Anna-Kate and Luke thought it was my birthday.

I love the sparkly wool - it is much more sparkly than it looks... I was very spoilt !!!

I know what I am going to make with the wool - hopefully this evening I will have finished the scarf I am working on !
Plus two wrapped presents and a card .....
Blonde alert .... the first of two blonde moments.I was so concerned about taking photos I did not look at my lovely pin cushion closely.Lilac is one of my favourite colours ....You will soon see why I was having a blonde moment!
In the first parcel was this very cute lilac topped cupcake pincushion !
A view from the side and lovely sparkly pins too !

This is where the second of my blonde moments happened! I opened the larger parcel and I see a box .... oh it is cappacino.... oh did I ask for that ? Oh well I like it ! Then I slapped my head and looked inside the box .....
and found my olympics mascot - a panda .....VERY, VERY cute !
A close up of my loot for this great swap - and then it hits me .... my pincushion has eyes !!!
So here is a picture of my pincushion the right way round!
My new amigurumis sitting in their new home on my sewing cabinet.....
This was a great swap and I was very lucky !
I Took The Handmade Pledge!