Sunday, May 27, 2007

26 May 2007.

Here Anna-Kate is standing in front of my tallest sunflower. There are a few tomato plants next to her. In front of her are some runner beans I have just planted. Along with lots of marigolds planted to protect all the other plants from bugs.

Here Anna-Kate is standing next to some more sunflowers - can you tell I like them? There are lots of different plants in this flower bed - marigolds, 4 rose bushes, 2 rosemary bushes, one rhubarb plant, corn, runner beans, garlic, mint, English geranium, thyme, ivy.... think that is it !

And more sunflowers, my Japanese maple, rhubarb, tomatoes, corn, runner beans, peas, rosemary, thyme, garlic, coriander, black current bushes, marigolds and probably more !

In front of more sunflowers - I tidied this up this morning. I took out all the bush beans as they were not popular . There are peas there and tomatoes, basil and more ....

Here are my cabbages, broccoli and brussel sprouts .... all muddled up as I muddled the seedlings up !! Plus three more sunflower plants.

One of my cabbages on the patio though not in the cabbage patch !

Here is my patio - with loads of buckets (74p from Tescos as apposed to £2 ish for the same sized plant pots !)
Right in front are the day lilies from my Grandpa - I should have divided them up over winter - will do that in autumn. With two rose bushes from my Grandad, in the same bed but unseen a runner bean and corn.
In the pots on the grass are marigolds, cabbage or brussel sprouts or broccoli and more marigolds - plus two trays with unknown seeds in ! The white buckets are full of tomatoes, peppers, chillies, basil, marigolds and sunflowers. The many little pots on the left are full of chillies, more peppers and tomatoes. The pots on the right against the fence are two pots of corn , mixed with lettuce, marigolds, cabbage. The pot in the middle holds an oak tree with my biggest marigold. The oak tree came from a caravan holiday in Cornwall. Against the wall of the house - more peppers, sunflowers, chillis. A lemon tree, cabbages, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Sunflowers and in the corner is my biggest tomato plant !
And the dog is Brandy - my guard dog, she protects my garden from all bird life !!!
The weather has been warm today - but overcast and threatening to rain / storm at any time.
The weatherman has promised horrible weather for tomorrow and Monday. This week is half term too, so hopefully they are wrong! I have spent most of today out in my garden. Greg has been cleaning the caravan with his two little helpers. Anna-Kate is busy drawing and Luke is playing with his train track.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sorry I have been missing !

I have been very busy - in the garden and with my new toy - a chest freezer, I have been cooking up a storm, ensuring my freezer is full of home made ready meals.
I have been in the garden as much as the weather has allowed. We have had a lot of rain !! Here is a photo of a ladybird on my peas. I have seen quite a few ladybirds this year. I must take more pictures of my garden as it is full of plants now!
I Took The Handmade Pledge!