Monday, March 19, 2007

Mothering Sunday

This is what I did today !! I dug most of the way down the fence! All alone ! And in the distance is my new green house (a mother's day present along with a water butt!) I planted out some corn under the mini greenhouse. I have blisters on my hands and all my muscles ache. But I did not want Greg to do it for me as his arm is still bad from the operation he had a while ago. It was windy but not too bad - good weather to dig in! Then it started to hail - it came down hard and fast - and stopped as suddenly as it
had started! The weather is cold now but the sun is trying to shine. Anna-Kate has been a busy bee at lots of parties. We dropped in on Mum and Dad on the way home so they could sing happy birthday to Anna-Kate and give her some gifts. Anna-Kate is upstairs with her dog now !!!!

My Mother's Day Gift.

Anna-Kate made me this arrangement for mother's day at Rainbows this week. It is a rainforest - with daffodils.

Bless her she wanted to hide it for today (Mothering Sunday) - but Greg explained to her it would die before I saw it.
The daffodil once opened - a few more have opened now and is still looking lovely - thanks Anna-Kate!

Monday, March 05, 2007


The three blankets I am working on. Two in browns and one in pastels. I am just trying to use up my stash of wool. Today I sorted out my wool boxes and I need to get working on more projects. The blanket with all the squares has been a nightmare - I have not been weaving in the ends as I go - so I have been sewing them in this weekend. I am so tired of sewing in the ends !


My sad daffodils - I have saved them from the wind and rain today. They are at the top of my garden so are rather exposed to all the wind and rain we have had. These were all lying flat on the grass so I picked them to enjoy in our lounge. I love the bright yellow petals with the yolk yellow (almost orange) centres - so I took loads of pictures!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snow in February.

I took this as I arrived at about 7-40am. I usually work in this building. There are 14 beds on this side. This was the original building and was, at first a residential home.

This photo shows the large gardens between the two homes. I was standing in the snow for this picture.

A large tree in the garden - I love trees!

Taken from the new side - this has 24 beds and can get very busy!

My favourite picture. Across the fields out the back. Loads of trees and fields and in the summer we see cows there !

A flower grown by Anna-Kate.

Flower grown by Anna-Kate. Pot painted a very bright Barbie pink at Rainbows. In pride of place in the lounge !

Luke's Party

At last I am updating my blog with pictures of Luke's birthday party. We held it at Boomerang. It was a very noisy Saturday!!!

I like this picture because it shows Luke's sense of humour ! He makes me laugh. And it shows that Anna-Kate wanted to sit next to her brother on his special day so she does love him really!

Luke with his cake. He helped me decorate it - it spells out Luke in smarties. We had to pick out all the pink and lilac ones first - as they are for girls.

At the end of the party - a quiet moment with dad.

At home with even more presents from all of his friends.

Luke's Birthday Part Two.

Here are some more photos of my two on Luke's birthday. Not much difference between the two 'littlies' now !!

Luke opening his presents after school - my lounge looked like a playroom for days ! First Christmas then Luke's birthday - then his party ....and not long now until Anna-Kate's birthday.

Luke with his birthday cake - a Dalek - he chose it from M&S...

Luke's birthday cake - this one was his choice from M&S, for his actual birthday (I cheated Lisa - but I am so glad you sweated it out and did the real deal for your little one's birthday !!!)

More Bags I have made.

I have been a busy little bee making some more backpacks for people at work. The lilac backpack has been very popular amongst little girls.

My orchid.

This is my orchid. Hubby bought it for me in 2005 - I think it was for our anniversary but can not remember now !! I thought they died off once their flowers died so I almost put it in the compost bin last summer. Thank-goodness I didn't as it has already had one branch bllom and die - this is its second bloom and it looks lovely next to my 60p bamboo.

I am back !

I have not been on here for a while. Life has been hectic here. Greg went over to South Africa for 11 days and so I was home with the kiddies. In between all that we have had Luke's birthday party at Boomerangs. I must dig out all the photos - I don't think I have put them on flikr yet. I have to organise Anna-Kate's party this weekend. She has been invited to two parties the weekend I was going to have I have to put my thinking cap on !!!

I am working on two blankets - a granny square blanket - I am actually taking a break from it as I had not woven in the ends as I went along (that will teach me !!!) The second blanket is made up of pastel hexagons - I was better here and have woven in the ends as I went along.

Plus I am making a cardigan for me. That is on the back burner at the mo as I think I am going to run out of wool !!!

My garden is picking up too. Today was lovely. I moved my sage bush - and replaced it with a rosemary bush. Making more room for my rhubarb next to my shed.

I have many plants of beans - I think I have three types of bean. I have several peas growing - all outside now. Although we had frost last night my plants were OK !!!

This year I am trying to grow 3 types of tomatoes , 2 or 3 types of radish, spring onion, several types of lettuce, loads of marigolds, peppers, chillis, nasturiums, brocolli, brussel sprouts, basil, coriander, oregano, another herb to prevent insects attacking my beans, sunflowers, rhubarb, garlic, cress, chives..... I think that is it ! NO squash / marrows etc as they take up too much room !!! (Repeat ten time Vanessa!!!)

It is my weekend off this weekend - I have promised Anna-Kate I will take her swimming tomorrow and leave the shopping to the boys. I may drag her off to a garden centre afterwards as I need little pots and soil !!

I am hinting for a water butt for Mother's day so I can water all my plants when we have a hose pipe ban !!!

See you later !
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