Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday's Bright Idea ...

My little brood went to Paultons Park today. I didn't go as it was Daddy's day out with the little ones. They had great fun and Luke faced all his fears - or so he told his dad ! My brave little soul.
They gave me a lovely photo of the 2 of them on a ride together.

They are all back now - enjoying the lovely weather in the garden.

I had this idea for a mini quilt last night so worked on it today The top is all done by hand so is a little wonky! It could be for the spring swap we will see how it quilts - will try to squeeze some work in tomorrow. But I need to tidy up a little first and if it is sunny I would like to be outside !
Off to knit dolls now !
Chat tomorrow !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday's Work ...

I whipped this bag up on Monday morning - it is a bag I owe a friend for sending me scraps that I have not yet used in my hexagonal quilt ! I will use them soon though as soon as I get a few extra hours in the day !

This morning I caught up with the quilt along - and cut some strips for the quilt, this quilt will be nice and bright! Perfect for spring.
Felt like hand stitching today - so put these 2 blocks together. I find hand stitching very peaceful.

Now I want to re- create an image I have in my head I will see if I can do it!

Chat tomorrow XXXX

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First BBQ of the Year ...

And the first really hot , beautiful day.
Luke and his Daddy lying on the slide, relaxing before our guests arrived.
A very busy garden full of people and objects related to a BBQ !

Luke was left in charge of the BBQ - no really he was BBQ'ing marshmellows (YUMMY!) I had mine done for me (Bliss!) Made on a stick of Rosemary = double yummy!

Aunty Abi had a go on the trampoline, it looks like she was having fun !

Anna-Kate having fun in the new sprinkler toy we bought - she did get soaking wet.

Serious card games were played by most of us !
The three men - grandson, son-in-law and grandpa.

Father and son sitting in the shade.

The ladies - my sister, my daughter and my Mum - we had a lovely day just relaxing, not too much cooking (well dad cooked the gammon last night for five hours and got up at silly o'clock to get it out of the oven! Well Done Dad it was delicious - had some for supper too !)

Abi took this photo of me - we were talking about America's Next Top Model - I was smiling with my eyes! LOL ....

And then we all did some fierce poses !

We had a good laugh all day ! It was fantastic. I am know sitting and knitting - very relaxing.
Chat soon !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabric for my first quilt - a - long.

I went for two floral fabrics and then plain oranges and greens, I hope they work with the pattern !

Chat tomorrow as it is late .


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Quilt Block Finished.

I cut this block out during my quilting class on Friday - I dug them out of my quilting bag Monday night. On Friday morning I am going to get all my completed blocks together and see what else I need to do I hope to have 25 blocks I am thinking 5 by 5 blocks ...

Hard to believe that this will become a 12 inch square of fabric!
Step two - was pinning, it took a lot of pinning. I decided to do this block by hand as my sewing machine is acting up and I am not used to my new sewing machine yet ...
In pairs - all laid out on my ironing board,
Now I have to decide ton the layout ...
I went with the last photo -

Can you see the birds ?

My knitting did not want to be left out !
Have a lovely evening - the sun is now shining through my lounge window I am enjoying it!
Chat soon.
(One more sleep until hubby is home !)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knitting ...

Sorry hubby once again no pictures of your little ones - but you will see them on Thursday !
It is amazing what you can do when you are avoiding doing your homework ! My knitting is growing faster than planned, and I am now working on some birds to sell...
The purple in this picture is actually red ... very grey here in the UK now... it has been raining really hard here today.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Hexagonal Quilt is Growing.

This weekend I have been tidying away a lot of my sewing stash as my husband is home on Thursday (4 sleeps to go !)

Not too much has been going on here in Wiltshire due to the housework and the weather... I did intend to mow the grass as the back garden is doing its best to impersonate a meadow at the moment.
I managed to finish the tulip stained glass window quilt block for my Friday quilt class, and I am now working on Drunkards Path ... very interesting.

On Friday and Saturday - and a little bit this afternoon I have been working on my hexagonal quilt, it is growing, very slowly! Thank-you to every one who has donated fabric scraps - some more than scraps really. I promise to make a start on your bags this week, as who knows if I will get any sewing done while hubby is home !

Today I decided to pick up my knitting needles again - we will see if I finish this garment.
I had a lucky find at the Charity shops 3 lovely tea towels. In mint condition, one from New Zealand, a 1969 calender from Australia and Christmas recipes. Not sure what I will create with them... we will wait and see.

I hope that you are all well, please spare a thought for my FIL who is in hospital in South Africa, I hope that the doctors find out what is the cause of all his problems.

Chat soon - may the sun shine tomorrow! XXXX

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday's Work ...

The red crocheted top is growing - almost finished, just need to do a few more rows to add a bit of length and then sew in all the ends.
The tulip stained glass quilt block - all bits stitched down, today just have to add 4 more strips around the edges, then my 'homework' is done. Yes and it is calling out to be ironed I know - will do that today too !

I need help /inspiration. This is the block I am making into a mini-quilt. I am unsure about what to do at the bottom - I have cut out four flowers - you can make one out in the second picture, should I stitch them on - I was thinking about stitching one on and then just quilting replicas .... what do you think ??? Please help it is for a swap and I want it to be perfect !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday's Work in Progress.

Good Morning Folk - hope you are having a lovely day ! Looks wet out this morning - so perfect to finish my work !

I am still working on the shrug - it is growing longer, I hope to finish it for Friday to wear to my quilting class !

The tulip stained glass block, it is almost finished.

Progress on the Spring Mini Quilt Swap block ...
Can you tell I am enjoying this technique ? I will be doing more Celtic knots in this theme too.
It is a wet day today and the children will be at school so lots of sewing today I think !
Chat soon - Vanessa XXXX

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday - Work in Progress.

Well I survived Tesco's - with only 6 tills open in the WHOLE store - I decided to do my usual shop - with a few extras removed from the trolley.
Back home by 10 - and I hit the crafts that had been neglected on Sunday.
I began on my tulip stained glass quilt block - stopped working on that when I ran out of bias binding.It looks a bit sad here with all the tacking on - but it will look better soon (I hope !) I did some more work on it later after I made more bias binding !

I picked up my shrug / short sleeved cardigan I am working on - making up the pattern as I go along - it is loosely based on the shrug / top I have just made myself but don't want this one to be a swing top.
Had better go and get ready for the day - it may be a busy one craft wise and it is Brownies tonight so lots of taxi-ing about !
Chat later - Vanessa XXXX

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday In the Garden (Mostly).

No crafting has been done today ! That must be a record.
Tidied the lounge, dining room and playroom. Harvested some rhubarb and baked it in the oven with lemon juice and cinnamon - for my pudding!
Also had to weed the garden as the poor garden was being taken over by the weeds ! And while out there decided to move some of the sunflowers about - hope to get a good show this year...
My strawberry plants are full of white flowers, and my other berry bushes are doing well too (black and blue).
Poor Anna-Kate has spent the whole day developing a mathematics game - thank-goodness I made her begin it at 10 this morning !
I also was able to sneak some time out on my sun lounger reading a good book.
A good day was had by all.
Chat soon !

Friday, May 08, 2009

A Productive Day Yesterday !

I was able to finish the crochet top for me, this has been sitting next to me on the sofa for ages - so I am glad that is finished. I will be wearing it today to my quilting class.

I then finished the clam shell block - this has been cut out for ages, but I have been procrastinating... and putting off starting it - it wasn't as bad as I had thought... but glad I can tick that off my list !

Attached my Dresdan plate to a backing block - just need a circle for the middle to complete it.

And even had time to sew a couple of hexagons onto my scrap hexagonal quilt !

A couple of blocks I completed over the long weekend -

Plus I had to do homework with the littlies - spelling test today for Luke !

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bradford-on-Avon Canal.

Yesterday was another lovely day for a walk. We decided to go and feed the ducks / one swan (!) at Bradford-on-Avon Canal. Under the railway track - we were waiting for a train to come while we were under the bridge - but one never appeared. So on we
walked. We came across these little ducklings - they were brave and came right out to us.
Trees and clouds - can you tell I love them both ?

Then it was the turn of the dandelions ....

On the way back to the park my two still were not tired (!!!!)
More trees - it was all lovely and green.

I sent my two up a hill to burn off some energy .... not sure it worked though.

A bridge over the river - we saw some rowers - and Luke was very worried about the 'slaves' being told what to do by the lazy person on the end (LOL!)

The new swing (for us) at the park, my two loved it
A great day was had by all ... not sure what we will do today - I need to go to town and I need to do the grocery shopping - but I really want to sew .... we will see what happens later !
Have a great Monday - hope you are all enjoying your day off !
Chat soon - XXXX
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