Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Photos -

Sorry I have been away for a while. All well here - am using Greg's computer when I can all my Christmas photos are still on my camera. My computer is broken at the moment - am awaiting a vital part but with all the Public Holidays it is not here yet ! Hope it is here on Monday !

Keep well - and may 2010 bring you all health and happiness.

Off to see fireworks at 9pm.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My first pavlova. Have to make one for Christmas Pudding as it is a traditional pudding here in Australia. Will just be putting whipped cream and peppermint crisp on top - people will be able to add a fruit of their choice to it on the day.
I thought I had better try it first as I have never made a meringue before. This was the same meringue five minutes later - so I think it was liked!
Anna-Kate and Luke playing cards in the shade this morning.
A lorikeet feeding in our tree. Love these birds!
A big smile from Luke. He loves the pool.
Hugging each other in the pool. Having fun in the pool while I read / act as lifesaver and take photos!
One, two, three JUMP !
We have had a great couple of days getting the house ready for Christmas, doing the laundry and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope that you all have a Peaceful Christmas and a Safe New Year. I wish all your dreams come true. Stay well.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Apologies !

I have been missing - life has been very busy this weekend. Registering my car, swimming, wrapping Christmas pressies..... The children had a lovely walk with Greg from here to Koolewong on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday they went for a walk about. It was overcast on Sunday so the wild life park was very quiet.

I stayed at home to wrap pressies and tidy up.

Tomorrow we are getting a delivery from Ikea so we will soon be able to sleep on beds. And sit on a sofa.

Life is good here in Australia.

Missing all of our family. Those in the UK keep warm!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Fourteen and Fifteen.

Day Fourteen - Wednesday.

Today we stayed at home until 1ish then walked up a very steep and long hill to Point Claire Primary School. We all really liked the school and the head master was very nice too.
My 2 met their teachers for next year too so they are now very excited about going to school and not as scared.
Greg worked in Newcastle today so he was home early which was great as he got to swim with the children.
Day Fifteen - Thursday.
Was VERY hot today. So we just melted at home - around the pool or at the park.
Luke and Anna-Kate waving (Hello !!!) at 9am - the first swim of the day.
Luke and Anna-Kate still in the pool at around noon.

A little lady bird I saw while watching my 2 in the pool.

Luke swimming without a noodle !

Must dash my two are back in the pool as after the rain and thunderstorm it is hot again !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twelve and Thirteen.

Day Twelve was Greg's first day at work. He left the house at 6-30 to catch his train. The journey takes an hour and twenty minutes - but at least it is relaxing (or so he says - and he doesn't have to fight traffic). We live less than 5mins away from the station and his work is close to the station there too.
Anna-Kate, Luke and I stayed at home. We walked to Aldi - which is exactly like the one in the UK. It is also next to their new school - so we timed the walk too (it took all of 15 mins).
Greg was home by 7, ate his dinner than went to K-mart, which was staying open until midnight.
We have now finished the Christmas shopping. Just need to buy food now.
Our Christmas tree - it only has red baubles on (from Ikea), lights and 5 silver baubles on !

Day Thirteen.
Awoken at 5am - thanks Mr Cockatoo ! Very loud birds flying about in the morning.
We decided to walk to the waterfront, have a picnic and find the play park. Great fun was had !
The waterfront is a little further away than it appears in a car ! Quite a few steep hills - but I am hoping that is a GOOD thing! Had to go over a bridge (over the railway) and across a road. But eventually we got there and found the play park too.

Once they had, had a play we had a picnic there. The walk back was quicker - but maybe that was because we knew the way!
At home we had a swim and then the children took themselves off to the play park in our street.
After dinner we went swimming again and listened to the birds !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nine, Ten and Eleven.

Sorry I have been quiet - life has been VERY busy.
Day Nine (Friday).

Was our last full day in the park. Greg managed to buy a car - a gold Kia. Luke went with him in the morning as a train journey was involved.
In the afternoon Greg took Anna-Kate to choose mattresses, so we would have something to sleep on.
I stopped at the cabin to pack up all our belongings.
Greg, Anna-Kate and Luke all enjoyed a last swim together on Friday evening.

Day Ten ( Saturday).
We got up really early (had packed the car the night before) and drove to Point Clare to pick up the house keys. We were in the house by 9-30.
I stayed at the new house to unpack while Greg had to go back to the Caravan Park to get the second load of luggage. Anna-Kate and Luke had a swim in the pool.
The view of our house from the street. The balcony is lovely to sit on as you are right next to the trees. I can also see the children playing in the playground just off the street.

This is the lounge from the front door, the door opposite leads out onto the balcony.
The kitchen. Don't mind cooking in here. I can see the water from the window.

Anna-Kate having a swim.
Luke sitting in the shade.

Our neighbours were having a party on the rather large driveway, we were invited and a good time was had by all.
Day Eleven (Sunday).
We drove to Erina to do some Christmas shopping. We don't have much for the children this year but I am happy that most of the pressies have now been bought. Now need to sit down and work out Christmas Day menu.
The afternoon was spent looking for a Christmas tree and decorating the lounge / outside.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day Eight.

A lovely morning was spent at Ikea. Lots of fab bits and bobs were bought.
The family went to see my fur babies. They are all well and were happy to see the family.

Catching up with laundry. Have a lot of packing to do tomorrow. Greg off to pick up the car tomorrow and will buy some mattresses.

We move into our rented house on Saturday (day 10). Sunday has been set aside for Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day Seven.

Tomorrow we will have been here a week. Today I had a very quiet day. Greg and the children went off to our new house to have another viewing. They had a play at the nearby play park too.

While out a tv and fridge was bought - as Greg found them at great prices.

Back home here - children and I went to swim while Greg bought us a car - something in gold !

They are all swimming now I can hear them all having fun while the birds are in the trees. A good day for all I think ! (Except when Greg lost our passports / driving licenses etc - but he found them and that is all that matters!)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day Six.

Had to wake up early to get to Point Clare to get on the books to rent a house - we were lucky and got the house which was on top of our list in Tascott. Although I loved the one in Koolegong it wasn't very child friendly !

We were back by 12 - so spent the day next to the pool with another family who are from New Zealand. Here are some pics of Luke and Anna-Kate having fun. Luke even learned how to dive !

Very proud of Luke xxxx

Monday, December 07, 2009

Day Five.

Greg went off to Sydney this morning. He had to organise the banking, get a letter from his new employers and look at some cars.

So Anna-Kate, Luke and I stayed at the Park - we actually spent most of the day next to the pool. Chatted to another mum who is here from New Zealand, also looking to rent.

We have finally decided on Point Clare - it is good to have made a decision ! No pics today as there were loads of people in the pool with us!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day Four.

As it is Sunday we went to the beach, we went to Manly as it is not too far away from where we are now.

Here is Luke running away from the sea - you are only allowed to swim between the flags.
I hardly saw Anna-Kate she spent 2 hours in the sea!
Luke playing on the beach - next to my feet.
Me ! I was there too ! I take pashminas everywhere!
I could not believe how blue the sea was - it was stunning!

We were back at the campsite by 1pm and spent the rest of the day in and around the swimming pool. Greg bought me a nice chair so I sat under the trees until about 7pm reading a book and catching the breeze - it is hot here !

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day Three.

Going around in circles. Empire Bay, Tascott, Point Clare or Koolewong. Sigh. Decisions are so hard !!! Tomorrow is Sunday must find something fun to do. Will sleep on it ... any advice will be great !

Friday, December 04, 2009

Day Two in Australia.

Today we did the grand tour of Woy Woy, Umina Beach, Point Clare and Gosford. We also detoured and visited Tascott and Koolewong.
Umina Beach is the front runner at the moment (due mostly to the sweet school and beach.)

Greg going off to estate agents tomorrow alone - to rent a property and to talk about purchasing another property!

Day One.

We arrived in Australia just after 6am on Thursday, the 3rd of December. Luckily we breezed through customs - phew , hours of watching Nothing to Declare has paid off !
Our first view of Sydney Harbour Bridge. We arrived at Dural early - but luckily our cabin was ready. It is right next to the pool, which makes the children happy.

I slept most of Thursday as I was really tired !! Anna-Kate also had a nap, but Luke made it through the day. As did Greg - but we all had an early night anyway. The weather was lovely so the children swam (a lot) I sat on my bed and listened to the birds - there were 3 noisy parrots in the tree outside!
I Took The Handmade Pledge!