Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello Kitty.

I don't usually show progress of a swap on my blog - but I need opinions.

This is supposed to be Hello Kitty - not a bear as my daughter thought. The blocks are not in the correct colours as I don't have the proper pinks yet - but I wanted to practise the block.

It is my interpretation from photos .... as I did not understand the chart which is floating around the net ....
The first pic is the third block I made and I quite like it - once the eyes and whiskers are on it should be fine ... The 2 pages are full of my diagrams, dot and numbers !
Chat soon.

Christmas Pictures Taken by my baby sister !

Anna-kate and I laughing at something, baby sister and I posing for Grandpa - he was soooo funny !

Monday Makes

You saw my striped bags in a previous post ... so I made broaches to match - here are the 2 broaches and one in situ on the bag.
Father Christmas bought me a tiny video camera which is great and we bought a new camera in the sales. So I made camera bags ! The button flower is my camera case and the one with circle button is the video camera case - finished that one in a bit of a rush as I need it finished for tomorrow.
Now I had better go and put snaps on the bags and wrap the bags to give as gifts tomorrow !
Chat soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Striped Bags

We are off to meet some of Greg's friends - he met them in Syria. They have twin daughters so I made a bag each for them. Just need to put the snap closures on.... off to make a broach each too.

The children are out on a walk with Brandy the dog and hubby - to give me time to sew !

They should be back soon though !

Chat soon - Vanessa XXXX

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Origami and Needlework.

I dug out my origami notebook - which was given to me in a swap. Here is my first creation - a butterfly Sitting in a plant my parents gave me for Christmas. The plant sat in the sun well watered. The conservatory got up to 34 degrees C.

My second attempt at origami - a dove hanging from the same plant ! It is tiny really !

My childrens' handprints embroidered. Luke's is first then Anna-Kate's not much difference in the sizes ! I am awaiting the arrival of a disappearing pen so I can write their names and date underneath.

Today has been lovely. We got up late, I tidied up the present piles then crafted some the afternoon away. Just watched the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe with the family. We all enjoyed it

Happy Holidays.


Friday, December 26, 2008


Aunty Abi, Granny, Anna-Kate, Greg and I all had a go bowling today on the wii - here is Aunty Abi doing her morning lunges !

Watch Greg's technique (tictac as Anna called it! ) as he always wins !
But here is the best technique ever ! (Notice Granny trying to put me off my stride !) Abi calls it the Irish jig step !
Enough blogging for today !
I hope you all had a lovely day - we did !
Chat soon XXXX

Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Abi came to visit.

Luke was Ben Ten for the day !

A quiet moment during a very busy day !
Anna-Kate having a laugh.
Aunty Abi liking her present !

Anna-Kate being a little elf again !

Sorry Grandpa no nice photos found yet - still looking !
Anna-Kate and Luke last year ! With a ginger bread house we tried to make. So much has happened in a year Life is good.

Chat soon

Opening the Stockings and Gifts left by Father Christmas

Sitting together at the bottom of my bed - with no arguing! Opening all the essentials like toothbrushes, knickers... oh and a skull with sticky worms on top !

Scary - very scary !!!

Vampire's teeth ....
Luke also has some sharp fangs .... is Anna-Kate praying?
First sight of all the presents under the tree - look at Luke's face full of pure excitement only a child can feel...

Sitting patiently waiting for the unwrapping to begin...
Luke flying the helicopter Uncle Tom bought him for Christmas - he loves this and plays with it often !
More photos to follow ... sorry forgive a mum for posting loads of pictures of her little ones !!
Chat soon.
Vanessa XXXX

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Party ...

We all met up as a family on Christmas Eve, at Uncle Ben and Sarahs' house (my brother) to exchange gifts with family we would not see for a while !

Here is Luke waiting for us to leave for the party. The party was at 4 - he was ready to go at 9am !

Grandpa on the rocking chair in the corner - Uncle Tom (another brother !)and Claire.
Greg (hubby), Anna-Kate and James - sat in front of the Christmas presents!
And Luke joined in the fun!

Hugs all around.

Watching tv - to try and quiet them down.
The professional camera person (my sister Abs). Anna-Kate was handing out all the gifts.
Claire holding up a memo board I made for her.
The party was at my brother's house - Sarah was there too but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of her or my mum !!!!
Merry Christmas to one and all - thank -you Sarah for all the lovely food - and thank-you to my family for lovely presents they are all appreciated !!!!
Chat soon.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.

I am waiting for my trifle to set - so I can add the custard layer ... I am a little worried as I think I may have added a little too much sherry !

I have vacuumed downstairs hubby is now vacuuming the stairs. Then the house is ready for Christmas.
Here is my gnome - I finished him last night.
Here is one side of him - he has a green shirt on with a bird stitched on. He is sitting on my tiny real Christmas tree.
The blue side - he is wearing a blue leafy shirt on this side.
Where he has settled down for now.
Next to my Christmas candle.

The day before Christmas Eve.

Today is Tuesday, the day before Christmas Eve. Everything is getting very exciting.
The house is fairly tidy - just have to do a run through with the hoover and pick up and put away things - mainly my craft goodies ! And I have to try and make the dining room table look more Christmasy!

Hubby went shopping at 5-30 this morning and came home with these Proteas for me. Haven't seen these for many years ! Really enjoying having them in my lounge. He did phone me a couple of times to double check things on my list ! But everything has now been bought...Greg was back by 8!

Work in progress - my gnome! I am enjoying doing needlework on felt. All my needlework clutter is on the lounge floor so I need to tidy that up ! Will clear up later as I am still working on my little man !

I opened my Secret Santa from a lovely chatty sewing list I am on. This is the crochet hook roll all rolled up and hiding a bar of delicious chocolate !
The fabric is soooo cute. I really, really like it !
Here is the crochet hook roll open with the bar of chocolate next to it. The choc is hidden !!! As it is all for me !
This is what I made for my recipient - plus a scarf set and a string of birds. She has opened the parcel already so I am not spoiling the surprise and it took her about 30seconds to guess it was me !!!

My son made King Herod here he is on my book shelf!
I hope to pop in tomorrow to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !
Chat soon - Vanessa XXXX
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