Monday, April 16, 2007

Bluebells and a radish.

I went outside this morning (Monday 16 April 2007) and saw how pretty my baby bluebells were looking - I could not resist whipping out my camara and taking loads of photos. This is one of my favourite flowers !

In this picture you can see the pottery angel my Grandfather gave to me. She watches over all my garden.
And last but not least here is my first radish! Yummy in a salad.

A Summer's Day on Studland Beach.

The weather forecast was for a summer weekend this weekend - and since I was not working we decided to go to Studland Beach. We had a lovely day. Anna-Kate got to swim - and even went underwater ! This is one of my favourite photos of Anna-Kate going off to swim.

Here she is giving mum a cheeky grin as she goes off for another dip in the ocean.
The weather was lovely not too hot so we didn't burn - but warm enough to go in the water.

Luke was happy enough to go for a paddle and watch his sister in the water.

And here he is with his hat and glasses on. I love the view behind him of rolling hills and cliffs!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My garden this week.

My first pea pod !

My first bluebell ! My favourite flower. I bought these from a forest last year so these are my first blooms!

My lettuce in my mini greenhouse. I think I may have gone overboard here - and I still have more lettuce seedlings in my conservatory.

The flowers on one of my many bean bushes!

A lettuce !

A Belated Happy Easter !!

The lovely Easter card was made for me (and Daddy) by Luke. The cute bunny and chick set were created by Anna-Kate. The delicious Easter Eggs were made by Anna and Luke with help / guidance from a patient Granny ! Great job guys!

I hope everyone had a peaceful Easter.

Anna-Kate's Birthday Party at the Farm.

Here is the birthday girl waiting for all her guests to arrive at the farm. Needless to say we were all very excited!

Being shown around the big barn - Luke is standing next to the largest goat I have ever seen. I think his name was Sam. There are more goats in the pens around the children.

As the birthday girl Anna-Kate was allowed to choose the horse she rode on. Poor Luke was too scared to have a go ! They were big horses ! But gentle giants too.

Anna-Kate loved the horse riding. So now she dreams of having lessons!

They were allowed to pet the rabbits and the guinea pigs...I was scared in this section - but hid it well....and yes we have had the mummmmmeeeyyyy can we have a rabbit ever since!

Grooming the goats..

Hunting for eggs - this was great fun all the littlies running around finding eggs. Luke or Anna-Kate found a beautiful mint green egg.

Eating and having fun!

Having Happy Birthday sung to her !!! Excuse the red lips from the red lemonade.

Anna-Kate's Birthday (21 / 03 / 07)

My birthday girl - I can not believe that she is seven years old already !
I think she woke us up a 5am !!! Here she is opening some of her presents. I had to wake her brother up so he could see her opening her presents - but he was a happy little boy and insisted he pose in all the photos too ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA-KATE!

April Already - where does time go?

I have been very busy in my garden ! I already have my first peas ! Well they are still growing on the bushes. I also have flowers on my beans. I think that they are dwarf bush beans... but as I have about three types of beans in my garden I am a little confused !

Here is a shot taken a while ago - the plastic bottles were protecting my sunflowers but they are off seeing as we are having such wonderful weather.

My first pea blossom - very pretty.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!