Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After the Rain.

Have put away this hexagon quilt top I am working on - need to buy more fabric (sshhhhh don't tell DH !!) just want some plain pinks / greens / blues for the half hexagon spaces and the borders. So it can wait until we have moved.

A kookaburra - I got fairly close before it flew away. Very noisy birds !

Kallie - our naughty puppy is growing up fast, but she is still a princess and hates getting her paws wet .... unfortunately today her whole body was soaking wet as the rain was soooo hard !

Sitting outside last weekend enjoying the sunshine ! My two ginger girls loves sitting on the wooden deck. Anna sits and reads while Luke and Kallie run about !

I was knitting and listening to knitting and gardening podcasts.
Our tomatoes - I had to pick them early due to our local possum invasion ! 3 are red now luckily.

Mushrooms / toadstools in my garden they are loving the wet weather.

The invasion of the daisy - in the rain with my tomatoes.
Having fun in the rain - have loads of cuttings ready for a new house / garden. Very exciting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I always pause here - for breath mainly, after the incredibly steep hill - but also for the view !
I also love the house on the right ! Wish they wanted to move....

Autumn is here - this tree had green leaves not too long ago !

Luke's jumper.

Anna-Kate's cardigan.... all done ! And out of my WIP basket !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, Monday !

Have started to garden in containers - awaiting the move (fingers crossed we actually find a house !!)
In the round basin at the back, left - one cutting from a very lemon scented bush - query a kind of geranium. Plus some Australian flowers.
Rectangle basin in front of it - more Australian flowers.
Ice - cream container in the front - Kallie somehow pulled it out of a rockery on a walk to school so brought it home and planted it!
3 black bag covered rectangular wicker baskets which look empty - are strawberries grown from seed.
White rectangular basin - red papaya seeds. Ice - cream pot to the left - another lemon cutting plus chestnut found in Luke's room (brought over from the UK!!!)
The black rectangle with plants more Australian flowers.
Plants looking sad in the front - mint - bought from supermarket - we will see if it survives !

Butternut, melon and other plants - enjoying the sun .... I have put all the plants into the pool enclosure to keep them away from the dog - who loves to dig !

Cutting out hexagons this morning in the sun.

Then worked on Luke's jumper - just crocheted it together - will crochet the neck and around the bottom just to add a little length.

Tikkie joined me and sat in front of me.

Kallie sat to the left of me - enjoying the sun.

Shezzie sat to the right of me - away from Kallie ! She went for a wonder and went next door - until their poodle came out !

Tikkie heard something in the bushes and went for a stalk !

Greg's jumper is growing - 48 rows already !

Monday, May 10, 2010

9 May 2010 - Happy Mothers' Day !

We had a lovely weekend this weekend. The sun shone and so we spent as much time as we could outside.

Sunday was Mothers' Day here and I was so spoilt. Luke put a LOT of effort into his gifts - I received 2 A3 posters saying I love Mum - the mum written out in ice lolly sticks he has been saving ! Plus his colouring was all in the lines. Then he made an origami hat for me to wear and an origami boat with cut outs of us in - plus a dollar -out of his pocket money!

They had to take $5 into school last week to buy a gift for me - Anna-Kate chose a mug with beautiful red flowers on (luckily they were sold out by the time they got to Luke's class - as he wanted to buy one for me). They know I love mugs !

Luke chose a photo frame and a small photo album. It is siting next to my bed with a photo of them both swimming in our pool.

Greg had organised a tree and a lovely terra cotta pot.
Here is Luke carrying lots of small stones to put into the bottom of the pot. Greg is smashing big rocks to make the little stones - Kallie is watching waiting to eat any stones left behind. Yes she eats stones - she eats anything !!
Luke, carrying the blood orange tree to put into pot.

Lots of concentration going on - putting the tree into the pot. Behind them balanced on the pools pump are all my seedlings busy growing !
Anna-Kate and Luke next to my present ! Excuse my daughter's outfit - the house is very cool - but outside is hot!
Me - knitting outside today.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Already !

Kallie and Tikkie enjoying a patch of sun together. Tikkie puts up with all the attention she receives from Kallie. Sherrie just keeps away.

A HUGE spider living in a HUGE web just outside of my laundry !

The mystery deepens - this is a picture of the melon I grew - it did not get much bigger than this as the plant died. I picked it and was able to harvest a lot of seeds.

This is a picture of a butternut - they are all a typical butternut shape. You will notice the melon is green and the butternut striped.

This is what is growing in my garden along with the butternut - a very odd shape ! But it is getting bigger, so we will see ...

Luke's tomato plant has produced a lot of tomatoes - we are just waiting for them to ripen.

My roma tomatoes - also waiting for these to ripen - the bush has a lot of flowers on too so should be a good crop - if it does not get too cold for them. But they get quite a lot of sun so hopefully they will survive for a while.

3 Pepper survivors - they have survived the brush turkeys and possums - had to pot them as the turkeys have started to dig in that area of the garden.

Luke and Greg have been busy on the canoe this weekend, not long until it is finished.

Greg applying some resin onto the canoe.

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