Thursday, January 28, 2010

The first day of school....

Off we go to there new school. They are both very excited and ready to go ! Hoping we all have a lovely day today....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day.

OK - this was taken on Sunday - fishing is fast becoming a favourite activity ! Luke has learnt how to fish really quickly and Anna-Kate is enjoying it too so all is good here in Australia.

We decided to go to the beach on our first Australia Day here. This is MacMasters Beach - I think this is our 3d visit here. It is a lovely beach. No shark sightings yesterday - which is always a good thing! The water was very clear and warm.

Anna-Kate and Luke off to the tidal pool right up against the rocks on the left of the picture. Greg did go with them - I stayed under the umbrella I am afraid!

Anna-Kate reading her book with me under the umbrella - taking a break from swimming and body boarding.

Luke joined me too for a packet of crisps after he got dumped off his body board by a rather large wave !

Back from body boarding, another sport the children do with Dad !
We went home for lunch then spent the afternoon in the pool and garden. I am gardening again as the garden has lovely empty flower beds - so I planted beans, sunflowers and corn. First I was fighting with the local possums - but now thanks to curry powder, moth balls and a product called poss off I am winning that battle for now ! But then the turkey discovered the corn - so they ripped up all the rows of corn !! Now the corn has all gone I am hoping the turkey will leave the gardens alone.
Anna-Kate, Luke and I are having a VERY quiet day today as it is the last day of holidays. Back to school and routine tomorrow. And then it will be the weekend again - FAB !
Greg is very busy at work putting in bids for various projects which is all good news.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Photos ...

Luke did not like the smell of the sausages ... so he found a peg and put it on his nose.

Ana-Kate cooling off today - it was very, very hot.

This bird visited us here today. He / she was so friendly my two (noisy) children were out on the balcony with it. I heard the commotion and scared it off - not on purpose, but it only flew into the next bush and stayed there quite happily!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Luke's Bithday part two ....

Luke waiting to blow out his birthday candles. He was very excited.
Went outdoors at 7am to water my plants. Saw two cockatoos sitting in the tree in the middle. Hope you can enlarge this picture to see the birds.

Brandy sitting in her favourite place in the garden - there are lots of birds flying here.

My beans - one week old - but the leaves have now been eaten by possums ..... sigh !
(Oh Greg took Anna-Kate and Luke fishing yesterday - they caught one fish each - but had to throw them back as they were little. Greg did take pics but with their camera so can not put pics on my pc yet.)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eight years ago ....

today I was at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, England preparing to meet my new baby. He was not very little weighing in at just over 10 pounds. He is now almost as tall as his big sister.
Birthday boy - opening his presents at 6-30am.
Holding up his new swimming top from Grandma and Grandpa - Granny was really clever and bought it to match his new fishing rod !

Sherry making herself comfortable in a box!

Trying the new car out in the park... the car was a success.

And still driving in our driveway ! Off for another swim now (much to my relief - I did not blow up the new floatie lilo for nothing!)

Domestic Diva ....

I don't know what came over me yesterday but I decided to try the Amish Friendship Starter Recipe again - so yesterday was day one and all I had to do was combine one cup of sugar, milk and flour together in a bowl, cover and leave. Giving it a sit every day for a while - let us see how long it lasts this time!

And while I was mixing this I decided to make Toad in the hole for dinner. I have not made this for ages (I think it was when Greg's parents were in the UK visiting us!)

It went down a treat with my two children and it kept in the oven well for Greg too - so I will make it again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Afternoon Visitors.

While I was sitting on the sofa reading, Brandy got all excited at the window, so I got up to look and saw these two creatures. They do not have the same colouring as the Lorikeets we see - these 2 had a lot of turquoise on and reminded me of budgies - but slightly bigger. They stayed around for a while but then I tried to get closer and they flew away. We hope to see them soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing in the park.

Luke and I went to the park right next door to our house and he took all his 'throwing toys' and had fun throwing them in the open area. Then he went to the play area and had a climb / swing / turn on all the play equipment before going home again.

The Animals Are Home!

Brandy (the dog) and Sherry waiting for Greg to come home.

Tequila looking out onto the balcony.
They are all well - although Brandy has become a little blind and deaf she is very happy to be back with us. The cats have not put up too much of a fuss staying indoors - I suppose having the run of the house is better than being cooped up in Australian Quarantine for a month! (Although the place which looked after the animals was lovely - it is not home!)

New Year's Day on MacMasters Beach.

We decided to go back to MacMasters Beach for a little while on New Year's Day.
But we did not stay for long as a shark was spotted in the sea so we went back home for a swim in the pool instead !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Eve. Fireworks !

The last day of 2009. We have had a hard couple of years with Greg being away - but that is all to change now that we have moved to Australia. Yes we miss our extended family - but we are happy to be together as a small family unit - and we welcome anyone over here for a holiday !
We heard that people gather along the waterfront at Point Clare to watch the fireworks from Gosford. We went at about 8pm as they were to start at 9pm for family viewing.
Luke and I waiting patiently !
The view back down the waterfront - towards Tascott.
A few pictures of the lovely fireworks - it was a lovely evening. We walked from our house and it was a lovely (hot) evening!

Christmas Day - On the Beach.

After opening all the presents and having a quick swim in the sea we decided to pop down to MacMasters Beach. Creating a new tradition of going to the beach on Christmas Day ! The weather was perfect, it was not too hot and was slightly over cast so you did not feel as if you were going to burn.
This picture reminds me a little of Nahoon Beach in East London. There were a few surfers out - but maybe we were a little early!

Anna-Kate rocking the dress I made her in June /July - it fits her much better now and as soon as I have my sewing machine I will make at least a couple more for her!

Anna-Kate and her Dad - don't have many pics of these two together!

Greg teaching Anna-Kate how to use her body board. They did have fun !
Anna-Kate caught on pretty quickly!

While Luke stayed with me! Greg, Luke and Anna-Kate did go for a walk along the beach and found a tidal pool .... which I think they swam in. We went home at about 1pm for lunch and relaxation!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day - Around the Pool.

After opening the presents we went outside to try out all the pool / beach toys!
Here Anna-Kate is modelling the new look for summer 2010 !

Anna-Kate's first snorkeling attempt in Australia - it eventually was successful.

Body boarding in the pool .... we then decided to go to the beach ! I will update tomorrow!!

Christmas Day - Opening the Presents.

The Christmas tree - as Father Christmas left it on Christmas Eve.
Luke and Anna-Kate seeing the presents under the tree. We had opened a few small presents on our bed found in Christmas Bags - we are still awaiting the Christmas stockings. They are on the ship coming over here still.
Happy faces opening presents one at a time ! They opened these presents at the same time - video cameras. I managed to buy and wrap these in the UK and hid them amongst the family presents Luke and Anna already knew that I had !
Anna-Kate modeling her Hannah Montanna sun glasses!
Anna-Kate and Luke with all their stash - I think that they did quite seeing as we moved in just before Christmas !

Luke having a go on his body board !
I Took The Handmade Pledge!