Saturday, February 28, 2009

Projects on the go ...

I took these photos on Thursday - just thought I would update my blog this morning !
Just have to join these triangles together and quilt it . I think it will be a wall hanging.
The appliqued flower - I am going to add something to the corners ...some sort of strip piecing I think.
My little boy lost his front tooth on Thursday. Thank-goodness as it has been horribly wobbly for a week or so !
I will take more photos of my projects today after Anna-Kate's swimming lesson.
Chat Soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to keep fit ...

is hard work !

I walk the children to and from school and since Saturday have started running every afternoon.

Today I made it up to 1.55km ... but I think I will stay there for a day or two as that was hard work ! As soon as I can run 2kms comfortably I will be happy !

So today I worked on my applique - sewed on two more petals - doubt it will be finished for Friday at this rate LOL !

I put one more hexagon flower together (and hope to do another one after dinner.)

I also continued knitting... it has grown to 20 something cms and needs to be 29cms before I move on to shaping it !

Making dinner at the moment then homework time, bath time and finally bed time !!!!

The week goes by so quickly ! Soon it will be the weekend again !

Chat tomorrow !


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still Running !

I have not given up (yet!) I managed to run 1.52kms but went on to 3.04kms today (brisk walk for the rest !)
Feeling so much better in myself - although the scales have not shown any difference yet !

Here is Luke carrying poor old Sherry around . This time she is in a box, usually she is on a beanbag. Sherry has adopted Luke and Tequila has adopted Anna-Kate. These are my two ginger cats. I bought them during my nursing training days... on my psychiatric training ! They are about 10 years old and very patient with the children - usually!
Some projects I am working on at the moment -

The hexagon quilt I have begun. I have started to sew the hexagons together. So far it is made out of scraps I found in my shed during the big clear out !

My crocheting - it will be a throw / wrap. I only do this at Anna-Kate's swimming lesson on Saturday mornings.

Yesterday I decided to pick up knitting again - making a simple top for me, for when it is too warm for our winter coats but still need another layer on ... spring is coming !!!

Have to work on this applique for Friday - can you see what it is yet ? Not enjoying it so only work on it for about half an hour a day !

Todays hexagonal flower I made this morning - will try to make at least one a day !

The knitting is growing slowly ... have added a few a cms to it.
Then came home from the school run and ran (!!!) then made the little one's their dinner and now am waiting for my dinner to cook. Then it is brownies for Anna-Kate and my parents have now moved to the next village so I must remember to collect her !
I have taken a photo of the garden as it is today (weeded over the weekend!) The daffodils make me smile... I will take photos to show you how it changes from now through spring and summer !

This is the view of a slice of my garden - to the left are loads of buckets I use for tomatoes mostly, then there are the long tubs I use for lettuce and radish, the yellow paddling pool houses my strawberries and sunflowers... and down the fence are so many things ! Mostly rhubarb and sunflowers.... Spring is coming !
Chat tomorrow if possible !

Monday, February 23, 2009

No Photos...

Had a funny day today ! Went for my second run today - I WILL be fit soon !

Then tidied up a little - but I seem to have more clutter than ever lying around - plus my 10 big black bags awaiting Charity bags - have two charities coming around on Wednesday so they will be gone then !

The children went to play next door for a while. While I made a few hexagon 'flowers'. I will take photos tomorrow morning. I have made 6 so far - all of floral fabric scraps! I should be doing my applique flower but not enjoying it so procrastinating a little.

Then at quarter past 2 we walked up to the Church on the island - as we call it . Today is thinking day - for Brownies. Anna-Kate is a Brownie and we went as I am teaching her that she has responsibilities as a Brownie - it isn't all about sleep overs and camps !

Came home, made dinner and am now watching Dancing on Ice.

I may crochet now as I am trying to make Birthday presents !

HUGS to all.

Chat tomorrow.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday - the end of half term and a HUGE request !

I can not believe that it is the end of the week. The end of half term. We have had so much fun ! I am really going to miss my babies when they go back to school on Monday.
Here is a photo of my work space - at the moment I have my old dining room table in my lounge, as Mum and Dad have given me my Grandparents' dining room table and chairs - which is in my dining room now... so I am working in the lounge - while hubby is away !
Here are some fabric scraps - waiting to be cut into hexagons. I have cut out and tacked loads of hexagons on scrap floral fabric ! (here is the request if you have any scraps big enough for me to cut out a 3 inch hexagon from I would love you forever ! I would LOVE floral scraps - but any would be great !!!) Thank-you in advance !!!
I am also working on this applique flower... I do a petal a day ... not really enjoying this block though ...
Happy post day ! I received my amigurumi elephant from a swap ! Plus GREAT buttons and wool. I LOVE elephants. This swap was great fun to be part of.
Spring is in the air - my front garden is full of crocus (es??) Crocci (???) they have even spread onto the grass - I have more photos but I haven't put them on my computer yet ! It is lovely to see splashes of colour after the snow and cold !
I have made my little ones pizza for dinner - and my dinner is cooking now too. Off to draw more hexagons now !
Keep crafting !!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Term Again.

So it is half term again. Monday began with the usual dose of grocery shopping. Anna-Kate spent her pocket money and Luke was sensible and is still saving his.
Today we went to Brokerswood. It was fantastic. We had a lovely time - sorry I went a little overboard on all the photos - the joy of digital cameras !

Luke amongst the trees. We had just left the car park and managed to dodge the first play area !
Still walking ! In the background you will see all the ducks and geese hurrying towards us for food.
I bought two bags of duck food - these went a LONG way ! Here is our first of three stops to feed the ducks and geese. The birds enjoyed the food but were not too comfy with us - which is good. I hate to see wild animals too comfortable around us humans !

We all stopped at the bench to take photos. Here's Luke and I - taken by Anna-Kate. Anna-Kate was taken by the fact that all the benches in the Wood are donated as are some of the trees in memory of people who have passed. We had discussions about their names and their lives. It was lovely actually. One couple had a tree dedicated to themselves and their dogs - I bet they had some lovely walks in these woods.
Anna-Kate and I sharing a moment - caught by Luke !
Jumping for joy !

We arrived at the playground at about 10-30 and no one else was around so I was able to take a few more photos! Here is Anna-Kate coming down the slide....
And at the bottom of the slide...
Then we followed the adventure trail. Where you walk a little way and find a piece of play equipment to stop and play on ! Here they are right at the top of the climbing frame !
The see-saw didn't really work for the two of them ... so I had to have a go !
And off we went again ....

Anna-kate hanging from a piece of equipment which looked like a huge hamster wheel ! Luckliy it did not actually turn !
Walking side by side. Luke insisted on carrying his own lunch !

Anna-Kate lost her trainer in the mud ! I tried to talk her into wearing boots but she can not run in boots so opted to wear her old trainers instead ! Luke wore his new boots !
We were alone for most of our walk ! Had a lovely time listening to the birds.
The second feeding of the ducks. We sat here for our picnic lunch. Many moons ago we sat here and had a BBQ with old family friends (Nick and Jackie!) I can not remember if I was pregnant with Luke or if he was with us !!

One of the big trees we saw on our muddy walk !
The walk ended with one more feeding of the ducks / geese - two bags of duck food went a long way !
I had promised the two littlies an ice cream each so we went to the last play area for one last play and an ice-cream.
We were back home in the afternoon - and the littlies let me sew for the rest of the day !!!
I have great children !
Chat soon XXXX
Vanessa very contented today !

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday ...

I decided this morning to tidy out the shed. It is chock a block FULL of all my crafting goodies. Here is a photo of some of the mess that was in my clean lounge ! I have three huge boxes of fleece...

By this time I was so tired and just wanted to wave a magic wand to clear it all up ! But it is all sorted out now - it to cotton (ish), knits, fleece and flannel. Plus a whole bag full of denim - to make bags / quilt with ... I also have TEN black bags for charity now ... all at the bottom of the stairs will have to hide them in my room soon - just having a rest !

I finished this hand pieced block on Friday - just have to remove the tacking and paper and give it a good pressing.
My homework for this week - an applique flower .... still lots of work to do on this block.
My 8 point star taken in better light !
My crazy patchwork block - I am hand quilting it at the moment !
And half a block down another half is work in progress ... made from pillowcases !!
Have a great Sunday all !
We are having a quiet Sunday afternoon Luke is building more cat houses made out of card board boxes ... and Anna-kate is pplaying computer games..
Chat soon XXXX

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday Already?

Where has the time gone !

I went grocery shopping this morning, as the snow has gone.... for now ... The rain settled in for a while - but for now it is just cold.

Worked on my crazy patchwork block today, I think, I may be getting faster hand stitching, not too sure though !

Have joined another quilting group and have to do another block - hope to get to it by the weekend.

Went to Anna-Kate's brownie evening tonight. They had an introduction for Thinking Day. Anna-Kate will be going to the Church Parade on the 22nd of Feb as she has to learn that Brownies have responsibilities - it isn't all about fun !

Phoned Hubby when we came home to see if he will be home to take her to a sleep over in Salisbury. Yeah he can come home for that, for the Brownie Family Quiz night and for Anna-Kate's birthday ! Great timing!

Going to watch Master Chef in a minute then off to bed to read Jodi Picoult's new book ...

I will take photos tomorrow - have to charge my camera's batteries...

HUGS - Vanessa

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Weekend Draws to a Close ...

We did not get up to much mischief this weekend - as my car is still 'snowed' in - I use the term loosely as it is 'only' a few inches deep - but our shovel is hidden in the depths of hubby's garage and I am not 'digging' in there for it !!!
It has rained a little today so hopefully that will help the snow melt !
This is Luke on the way to the shops ! We walked to the shop on Saturday as I decided not to drive into Bradford-Upon-Avon for Anna-Kate's swimming lesson.
One of my favourite trees ! The sun was shining and the snow was sparkling.
My two monkeys not listening to Mummy and running down the hill - I was expecting a fall at any minute !
My wellington boots - I actually have not worn them as much as I thought I would ! I love the spots and RED !!!
While I was taking the photo of my boots my little man slipped on this patch of ice ! He did not expect it to be so slippery !! The ice was a couple of inches thick and they pretended to ice skate.
My two are running in the 'forest' they are in there somewhere ! I wasn't just taking photos of the trees! I promise !
The trees - what can I say ? LOL !
Today Anna-Kate tidied her room - on her own, with out me nagging, do you think she wants her pocket money????
I drew triangles today onto my precious freezer paper, cut them out and ironed them onto triangles I had already cut out years ago !!
And I have started to sort out some of my fabric piled around my house !!!
Chat tomorrow !

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday Off School !

Today was another Snow Day. It snowed all morning. I got up at 6am (as usual) then looked out at all the snow and wondered if shcool would be open or not ...
I tried to listen to a local radio station - but listened to the wrong one so heard all the wrong schools. Eventually I made the decision to keep the children at home as we waded through the snow yesterday only to find out it was closed ...

I phoned hubby in Africa to see what he thought - he said to keep them at home.... but by 7 ish I was getting nervous so telephoned my friend who would know and she said that the school was definitely closed so - that was that we stayed at home !
Luke and I stayed inside nice and warm - Anna-Kate went outside for a little while - to try and build a snow man but it was too miserable so she came in after terrorising me with some snow. These photos were taken from my warm and cozy crafting area !!
I worked on my crazy patchwork square today - also tidied up some of the toys in the playroom. Luke and Anna-Kate are growing out of some of the toys now - so they will go to the next Charity Shop which posts a plastic envelope through my door !

Made this 8 point square this week for my quilting class which was cancelled today due to the bad weather !
Hope you all have a great evening !
I will be handstitching until my eyes give in LOL !
Chat Soon XXXX

I Took The Handmade Pledge!