Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We have just finished getting ready for the Year 6 Farewell. At 4pm we started doing hair and makeup and only just finished in time to go. The Farewell began at 5-30, with a presentation which the parents had to stay for, then we left for the dance to begin.

The front door of the school. It only seems like yesterday we visited here to enrol as newcomers to the Central Coast.

Waiting for the doors to open - and for more people to turn up ! Needless to say we were early.

Nearly all of the girls in Anna-Kate's year - there are only about 60 pupils in the whole year (I think!)

Anna-Kate at her table. There was a lot of drama about the seating arrangements - Anna-Kate was happy with her placement.

Collecting her year book and certificate from her teacher.

I think a good night was had by all.

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